A foreign language is best assimilated in the early years of life. At Tower we make that learning experience pleasant and motivating.

Playway to English 1 (4 and 5 years).

Playway 1 are Playway 2 are both highly entertaining courses, everyone loves Max the puppet, principal actor with Linda and Benny in the amusing stories and songs from the DVD and books.


It can be used by students who have been learning English since pre-school as well as by new students, as it expands on previous language themes whilst presenting a great volume of new words and expressions in a pleasant and memorable way.


The methodology, based on Multiple Intelligences theory, seeks to develop the students’ cognitive, intellectual, social, and motor skills.


The whole class is carried out in English, with the idea of providing maximum exposure to natural language, as much in pronunciation as intonation. The first step is learning classroom instructions and then the class routine. From the very first day the students demonstrate their comprehension by responding through physical actions (TPR), and when they gain confidence, they ask and answer naturally using basic English.


We teach the meaning of new words or expressions through flashcards, real or play objects and story cards or short films. The children hear the correct pronunciation and point to the word or situation described. At this stage we make full use of a great variety of games that allow the students to hear and experiment with the word or expression many times in order to later produce the language with ease.


Songs, chants and raps, ¡BINGO!, traditional fairytales, fables and modern stories, card games and board games………..


With the DVD and the story cards, the students enjoy rehearsing and performing short dialogues. At this stage a great part of their learning is based on reception and comprehension, however we take every chance to activate oral communication.


 Throughout these earlier years Jolly Phonics, a system to aid reading and spelling development in English, is incorporated in the syllabus. Jolly Phonics is the method used in British primary schools to teach the 42 English phonemes.


In addition to the end of term reports, there is an “End of Year Show”. The group, under the teacher’s direction, perform a show for their parents with a sample of their favourite activities learnt throughout the year.