A foreign language is best assimilated in the early years of life. At Tower we make that learning experience pleasant and motivating.

Playground Fun Blue (3 and 4 years olds).

At this level we propose teaching English in a natural way and within a context familiar to the child.


Playground Fun Blue complements and reinforces basic pre-school concepts. (See contents table below)


Tower Very Young Learners methodology includes a wide range of resources and activities; stories, songs, chants, role-plays and dressing up, and arts and crafts all of which can easily be adapted to each child’s learning style.


In order to encourage correct pronunciation and increase comprehension, the teacher speaks in English throughout the class, although if the children speak in Spanish, he or she is able to understand them.


Throughout these early years Jolly Phonics, a system to aid reading and spelling development in English, is built into the syllabus. Jolly Phonics is the method used in British primary schools to teach the 42 English phonemes.


Areas of work include hand-eye coordination and creativity through the use of worksheets and social skills, such as waiting your turn and respect for yourself and others,

form part of the class routine.


Special attention is paid to creating a good affective environment. The attention span of this age is taken into account along with the silent period pupils go through before production, all with the aim of ensuring the best assimilation of new language.


Each child is monitored individually and at the end of the term they are given a progress report in the form of a certificate.


 We encourage you to share the classes with your child, he or she might want to sing and show you the actions that go with the songs on the CD, o simply tell an anecdote about the class that day. Everything you wish to share with them will help them learn as they feel the interest and support of their family.


We hope that you, as much as your children, find English classes at Tower a positive and motivating experience.