A foreign language is best assimilated in the early years of life. At Tower we make that learning experience pleasant and motivating.

English in Mind 2 (13 and 14 years).

English in Mind 2 continues to build and expand on the students’ knowledge and use of English acquired in previous courses. They now have a very solid, firm base on which to add new language at a higher level.


New language is presented using texts in the style of magazines, newspapers, interviews, narratives, songs or photo-stories. There is a strong grammar base that can be adapted to the needs of each group member and the group as a whole. Students learn the new vocabulary systematically and to use complete expressions to speak to each other within the class.


The whole lesson is taught in English with the aim of exposing the students to an optimum amount of correctly-modelled, natural speech. All Tower teachers have English as their first language, and a qualification that allows them to teach all over the world. Therefore, they do not necessarily speak Spanish which makes the communicative situation in the lesson authentic. Translation is avoided as it is not conducive to creating an entirely English speaking classroom. At this level students communicate using ever more complex language paying special attention to pronunciation and intonation.


Classes are divided mainly into three stages. Firstly, seated in a semicircle students revise and remember the previous class, and the teacher presents the day’s new language. Homework is given once a week, from the Workbook or interactive CD, and it is also corrected at the beginning of the following class. Secondly, everyone practises the new language via a varied range of activities, incorporating their prior knowledge. Thirdly, with the Workbook at “table time”, the teacher dedicates personalized time to each student in the group and follows his or her individual progress. All students receive an end- of- term report.


In order to obtain a certificate that validates the progress made, students can take the Trinity College London Spoken English examinations in June each year. A Trinity examiner, who does not speak Spanish, comes to Tower to hold a short individual interview in English. Students are then given a Trinity certificate stating the level entered. The examinations are prepared and practised during class time, and as the exam date approaches there are free extra-practice sessions.