The success of our students is the success of our teachers. If you are an EFL teacher and you would like to come to Écija to participate in a unique professional development programme, we have something to tell you....


Teach your classes in a lively, pleasant, fun way in an environment that is motivating and dynamic.

Our objective for over 20 years.



At all ages students' capacity to learn English is developed through a pleasant and motivating experience. Games, songs, drama, and art are incorporated into the classes. Younger students attend two sessions of 55 minutes per week, while older students’ sessions are 85 minutes each. Groups are formed with a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 10, very occasionally 12 due to two extra places in each group for internal changes.



Very Young Learners Department

From ages 3 to 5, EFL early years teaching is a relatively recent and un-researched area in Spain, although it is the fastest growing in both the private and public sector.

The Tower Very Young Learners course is “pre-school in English”. We teach using poems, chants and songs, practise motor skills through arts and crafts, provide exposure to vocabulary related to the child’s environment and work extensively on socio-cultural and developmental aspects. Parents are invited to an “end of year show” in the classroom so that both teacher and students can demonstrate their favourite activities in English class. Published material used:


• Playground Fun Red and Blue (out of print, but so good it’s difficult to better).

• Jolly Phonics (frieze, posters, readers, Big Books, word cards).



Young Learners Department

Aged from 6 to 16, young learners form the greatest percentage of the student body. The objective at this stage is to teach communicatively, in respect and equality so that students will have the best opportunity to use their English in a natural way, while staying ahead in English at school.


The syllabus is based on the Trinity Oral exams for levels 1 to 6 and projects are an integrated part of the curriculum. Examples of projects are the Christmas Mural, "The Tower Times" Front Page Competition, and Spring Experiments, i.e. sprouting beans, and caring for silkworms. All groups contribute to the annual newspaper.

External evaluation is provided through the Trinity College London oral examinations in June. Published material used:


• Playway 1 and 2 (Cambridge).

• Join Us 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Cambridge)

• Happy Earth 1 and 2 (Oxford).

• English in Mind Starter, 1, 2 and 3 (Cambridge).



Young Adults and Adults department

From the age of 16 upwards students are expected to validate the time and effort invested in their English classes by achieving a recognised certificate. Depending on each student they may opt for Cambridge First Certificate preparation, Trinity ISE I-II and III, or to concentrate on the techniques of the university access examination. Whichever way, our intention is to help them get where they want to go. Published material used:


• Build Up to Countdown (Oxford).

• First Certificate Direct (Cambridge).

• New English File (Oxford).


The Adults exam department provides Trinity ISE I-II and III exam preparation.