The success of our students is the success of our teachers. If you are an EFL teacher and you would like to come to Écija to participate in a unique professional development programme, we have something to tell you....


Teach your classes in a lively, pleasant, fun way in an environment that is motivating and dynamic.

Our objective for over 20 years.


Development Programme

At Tower, we believe teacher development is key to a successful and rewarding time for teachers at our school and in Écija.The development programme includes:


Weekly Seminars in the school.

Attendance at the ACEIA conferences and funding for other conferences through the year.

Three classroom observations over the year, feedback, and follow up.

Peer observations.

Optional Action Research Projects.

Regular progress meetings with the Director of Studies.

Professional Development Interviews in February/March.

Regular round table ideas sharing.

The duties and responsibilities of teachers are set out in the Teachers Service Agreement document, available on request. In addition each teacher receives a Teacher’s Manual providing information on processes and protocols and support for all administrative tasks that teachers need to carry out to ensure the smooth running of the school.


Administrative duties include long, medium, and short-term planning of classes, setting and marking of homework, completing attendance, homework and test results registers, completing tri-mesterly reports for each student, and at the end of the school year, writing class profiles.


The basic teaching duty is to deliver classes in an effective and motivating manner, based on good planning and striving to maximise learning, students and teacher alike.